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    I have a mod installed that let me use xbox 360 controller and keyboard simultaniously in Syrim SE. It works perfect. It used to work with vorpx like three updates before the current version.
    If now run vorpy and skyrim… i cant swith to first person mode, most of the xbox keys wont respond somtimes . And most i cant switch to the voprx ingame menu anymore after altered the config. What i did so far.
    I opend the voprx ingame menu and set controller to hide.
    this results in no button working.
    I switched to partial
    this results in the game turning constantly 360 degrees
    I set to full
    this results weired button config.
    So how can i get rid of that vorpx mapping .. i want to use the xbox controller and keyboard as in earlier updates


    The vorpX gamepad emulation gets automatically deactivated after running the DirectVR scan.

    Prior to running the scan it is required since without DirectVR Skyrim’s native gamepad handling disables the mouse, breaking non-DirectVR head tracking with vorpX.

    Nothing has changed in this regard, it always worked this way.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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