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    Since the latest update in Rocket League for Rocket Pass 3 (2 weeks ago maybe), I can’t get into the chat window during a game using T (general talk to everyone) or Y (party chat). If I play without VorpX, I can chat during a game. At the end of a game during the 60 second wait, i can use the gamepad to go up to the text field and then start chatting. But the T, Y, and U do not work to type at all during the game. It’s not just me as another person in my party using VorpX has the same issue. We both have Samsung Odyssey 2 VR headsets. Something is interfering with the keystrokes. Nothing has changed within RL or VorpX settings. Please help.


    1 month… not even a guess, a clue, or an answer… $40 well spent on VORPX. Thanks a lot.


    One thing you could try is setting the HUD scale to 100% in the vorpX menu, maybe that affects the chat window visiblity. Also using EdgePeek may be worth a try (sets the HUD scale to 100% automatically whle active).

    In general: forums are usually primarily intended for user to user interaction. The vorpX forum is no exception in this regard. I try to answer as many questions as I possibly can here, but unfortunately don’t have an answer for every question.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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