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    Has anyone had any success with using Cheat Engine to overcome multiplayer games with Easy Anti Cheat or Battleye software built in that stop Vorpx hooking at all? Multiplayer is my favorite method of playing games over single player and it’s a shame so many multiplayer games have EAC or Battleye built in stopping Vorpx running them in stereoscopic 3D (thankfully there are a few that work in MP stil like Battlefield 1, Battlefield V and Star Wars Battlefront 2 but not for most. Is there any news that EAC will whitelist Vorpx? I heard rumors that this would happen but multiplayer only games like Rising Storm 2 Vietnam, Squad, Post Scriptum, Hell Let Loose- all multiplayer games that run EAC aren’t hooking at all and assume it’s still related to the anti cheat software blocking Vorpx.. I love Arma 3 with Vorpx in single player- if only the Battleye anti cheat software for multiplayer can be overcome too that otherwise prevents multiplayer with that at all (and hav eno idea how to find servers that don’t use battleye)..

    Incidentally I found this video on How to Download Cheat Engine 7.2 without the suspicious installer..

    Hope we can overcome this asap


    Anti-cheat systems are overzealous; they block things that couldn’t possibly be used for cheating. A lot of them, however, will actively block access to a games depth buffer since it can, in theory, be used to cheat in first person shooters. That alone kills the possibility of z3d, and probably g3d as well.

    I don’t think Vorpx can be whitelisted. It’s hooking mechanisms don’t have a digital signature saying “hey, vorpx here, can I please have access”. You’d be better off looking for hacks that bypass the anti-cheat system.


    Arma 3 works with Battleye on, I have been playing on all kinds of servers with VorpX working perfectly. I was playing Battleye off servers but got over them and went back to Battleye servers and it’s worked ever since.


    Are you sure vorpX is hooking, and providing 3D options? I tried a Arma3 battleEye server just now and it still doesn’t let the game load.

    I suspect you are using the desktop viewer to play this way. That would let you play, but without 3D depth.


    VorpX was definitely hooking, had full 3D and everything but I recently tried to play Arma 3 online with Battleye on as per usual and now it doesn’t work after working for months….. No clue why it even let it work in the first place or why it even stopped working.


    Okay…. So after a few days of confusion and frustration I found a solution (it works for me) in the VorpX settings go to general and tick Use alternate hooking method. You should hopefully now be able to play Arma 3 on any server including official servers with Battleye ON.

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