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    TL;DR: Turn back now, it’s not worth it. It’s complicated and the game isn’t a good VR experience.

    I spent all day getting City Car Driving to work, thought I’d put together a guide for anyone interested. You should know that there are a few things which in my opinion make it unplayable:-

    – The performance is BAD. The game is poorly optimised and even with everything on low I averaged around 30FPS (G3D) 35 FPS (Z-Buffer) with a GTX 970.
    – Positional tracking is reversed with no fix that I can find. If you lean in, it leans you backwards.
    – Lots of problems with scale. You may have more luck messing with VorpX settings than I did. I got close, but it still looked off.
    – Head tracking will only work if the right mouse button is held down to activate free look in the game. This is hard-coded, and the only workaround is complicated (included below).
    – Vertical view is locked after a certain point. When you try to look up/down too far, it will stick and mess up your orientation. You’ll have to constantly re-centre your view.

    The Guide:-

    1) Create a new profile for the game using “Dark Messiah Of Might & Magic” as a template. Leave ‘Keep Game Specific Options’ unticked.

    2) Launch the game and set Graphics Mode to Directx9
    Be sure to unbind the ‘L’ key, we’ll need it later.

    3) The only way to get head tracking working correctly in-game is to:

    Find startup.tcl and open it with Notepad (Typically in the folder *\City Car Driving\data\scripts).
    Edit the lines
    .map “relmouse0:btn1.down” “rmbDown”
    .map “relmouse0:btn1.up” “rmbUp”
    .map “relmouse0:btn1.pressed” “rmbPressed”


    .map “keyb0:L.down” “rmbDown”
    .map “keyb0:L.up” “rmbUp”
    .map “keyb0:L.pressed” “rmbPressed”

    Now save this. If you have problems saving it, then save it to desktop and drag the file back into the folder.

    This will change the Free Look key to ‘L’ for the next part, as the game doesn’t allow you to mess around with emulating mouse clicks.

    Now download and install a program called JoyToKey. Set up your Gamepad or Steering wheel and choose a button you want to use to unlock your view, then double click it. In this screen add L into the top box on the left side, and then tick ‘Toggle between On and Off’.

    Now you can finally turn Free Look on without holding our mouse constantly. Just push the button you set a couple of times and it will turn on correct tracking.

    It’s also useful to choose another button to assign to re-centre the view (you’ll be needing it a lot). Do the same, but this time choose Mouse from the edit screen and just tick ‘left’ under Mouse Click.

    4) Set FOV ingame. Note that you will have to do this every time for each new car. I found 100 was a good value. Follow this Youtube guide to set your FOV : (You likely will need to run the game as Administrator for this to save without errors – Right-click the shortcut -> Run as Administrator.)

    5) Now setup VorpX as normal with the settings in-game. Every time you bring up the VorpX menu you will have to push your freelook button again a couple of times to re-enable tracking.

    If you’re determined enough to want to try this, then this should get you running. They’ve stated they’re not updating Oculus support again, so this is the only option. But really, trust me, it isn’t worth it ;)

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