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    Its available on Epic Games and Sherlock Holmes,both free but I dont see any profile for vorpx.April 16th they also are giving away Just Cause 4.


    A pity, Close to the Sun looks really cool.


    It’s a decent little game. Like Bioshock meets Amnesia maybe.


    Apparently it should work in z3d if you create a profile, no geo 3d though, a real pity:


    Close to the Sun does not have official VR support, but as I mentioned in my EGX Rezzed impressions I would love to see the team implement these. However, if you have vorpX, you do get the chance to play the game in VR. But, this does require you to make a profile.

    One thing you will need to understand with this being a profile you have made that it is not in full geometry 3D, unless you have to knowledge to make one of these profiles yourself. But, the profile does allow for Z-Adaptive VR gameplay, which does place you into Helios and the setting well, it’s just lacking that full 3D depth, but, it does offer an immersive VR experience still.

    With this being a first person game, you have the immersion of looking around the environments with your head movement like you on the ship yourself, and the game does a great job of keeping that visual clarity. It really is great getting the chance to look around and be onboard of the Helios in vorpX.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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