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    Hi Ralf,

    While I continue fresh installing games from Steam, Origin etc. , I am afraid I found another issue:

    COD Black Ops 3 does not start with VorpX enabled.
    When I kill the Vorpx driver, COD starts normally.

    When I start COD BO3 from inside steam, I see briefly a status “running” of the game (in the steam interface) but no game window opens.
    A few seconds later, the “running” status goes away.

    I also don’t see the “Vorpx is attaching…” dialog. (strange, because in the Vorpx logs it says its hooking)

    Directly clicking the BO3 shortcut on my desktop produces the same results.

    Note: I keep my Windows 10 pro as standard as possible; only legal software/games from, Steam etc.
    I use windows defender and not some paranoid virus scanner like bit defender. (will do that later as soon as everything works, so I know what’s causing issues :)

    Additional info that is missing in the troubleshoot zip files:
    I use RIFT software 1.20. (Not using the Core 2.0 beta, too unstable)

    I already emailed you the troubleshoot zip file.

    Best Regards,


    The log file doesn’t really show anything useful except that the game exits again just after starting, so I can’t really recommend anything specific.

    Condsidering your rather old gfx card the only thing that comes to mind is lowering the game’s graphics to minimum and check whether that helps. Maybe it’s an gfx memory issue.


    Hello Ralf,
    I’ve just bought Black Ops 3 in order to play it with VorpX, but the same issue occur. I can start the game without VorpX running but with it the game won’t start. So everything is exactly like Bluepill said on my pc except I use piplay for my pimax 4k.
    Additional info: gfx card 1080, i7, 8gb ram…
    Please help :(


    Update on this subject guys… I install pirate version of black ops 3 and vorpx attached to it. So now I can play the game but it’s not in 3d. It doesn’t show G3D at all.


    I could be wrong, but I don’t think BO3 supports G3D, try switching to Z3D (Z-normal) instead. Delete key in game, use vorpX menu.


    You are not wrong but with Z3D the game is not in 3d. Is there any other settings that I should try?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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