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    I’ve added a profile for COD:IW (copied from Black Ops III) [grapeape]
    I run at 2.0 3d depth and depth weighting is low, 0.07 or so to get a proper 3d feel.

    This game looks amazing in vorpx when running well but performance has an odd tendancy to degrade the longer you play. (Starts at around 50fps with geforce 1070 and degrades to 20ish fps) – I’m hoping some patches to COD:IW will fix some of this.
    It is DX11 – i’m not sure if DX11 is supported by Vorpx officially.
    The game also locks to native rift resolution.
    If anybody tries the profile and discovers tricks for performance please share on the thread.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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