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    Hello guys.

    I just bought my Oculus Rift, and the bought vorpx. I did Oculus’ tutorial, SteamVR tutorial, played a bit of Lucky’s Tale and The Lab.

    On all these tests, VR graph was great. Almost as great as in my monitor. Indeed, in some The Lab environments I really felt I was inside it, given the quality of texture and lighting.

    Then I went to vorpx, and graphics are bad. And very very bad. I first tried Outlast (coincidently, it’s for free on Humblebundle!). Used 1920×1440 with no performance issues, but graph was very ugly, much worse than monitor. It seems the game is in 8bit color…

    Maybe it was because the game is very dark, so I tried Oblivion. But again, very ugly graphics, as if in 8bit color. I made some tweaks changing its fov, its resolution, no luck.

    In both games I applied Optimize Settings.

    Also, sometimes menu texts are almost unreadable, in both immersive and EdgePeek modes. Even vorpx ingame menu is very hard to read.

    I started to believe it was Rift’s lack of quality, but I went back to Lucky’s Tale and its graph is great.

    Considering that monitor graph is 100%, I’d give The Lab a 95%, Lucky’s Tale a 85%, and both Outlast and Oblivion not even 20%.

    Really, it’s so bad that games are unplayable. It’s not a matter of resolution, headache, disorientation. I’m feeling no sickness at all and my GTX 1070 is easily running these games. It’s that colors are very very bad, even worse than old Quake colors.

    Anything I can try? This is very frustrating because I really wanted to play horror and TES games on VR. I wasn’t expecting to have the dame image quality of my monitor, but I can’t play games this ugly.


    You could of just written out the word “graphics”, did those 3 extra characters really need to be left off? Anyway sounds like a resolution issue, try bumpin’ up the rez to get thews wicked graphs your after!.. or possibly an ID-10-T issue but give it a try


    Try increasing the resolution in game much higher than the “recommended” to see if it looks better. Then find the sweet spot of performance to resolution that feels the best. (I often use 3k x 3k resolutions. performance is rarely ideal, but image quality is quite decent)

    Also there are a few handy settings to adjust on the “Image Settings” tab in the vorpX menu (press delete key in game):

    – Crystal Image (set to Aggressive for most clarity)
    – Brightness
    – Color Saturation (increase for more vibrant colors)
    – Sharpen Amount (might as well crank it all the way to 2.00)

    I have really enjoyed these additions to vorpX, it’s almost like having your own adjustable sweetfx built in. (thanks Ralf :))

    Give those a try and let us know if it helps. Sharpen should make a big difference.


    Thanks a lot for the reply.

    Indeed I incresed Oblivion resolution to 3840×2880 and graphics got way better. Not as good as my monitor yet but now I see it wasn’t a color depth issue.

    I’m gonna try these tweaks on vorpX menu.


    For some reason, in Outlast the game inside Virtual Cinema is having big black areas on its right and bottom. That makes the game be centered on top left. On monitor window that doesn’t happen.

    I believed it was the high resolution I used so I turned it back, but issue remained. I also increases textures (MaxProcBuildingLODColorTextureSize and MaxProcBuildingLODLightingTextureSize), so I brought it back. No luck either.

    I didn’t change any other config, so I have no idea what’s causing it :(


    Current vr hardware cannot yet match the quality of your monitor sadly, but the day will come :)

    It could be an unsupported resolution issue for Outlast, I remember only being able to hit 1920×1080 with that game. I know Fallout 4 doesn’t like smaller aspect ratios, and corners the image this way for unsupported resolutions.

    If it keeps happening, I’d suggest restoring the game back to defaults by validating it’s file cache in steam settings. If that fails, then a fresh reinstall. I’ve had to do this on rare occasion.

    It’s the mass amounts of film grain and lack of AA that make Outlast harder to look at, yet overall it is still a good vr experience.


    @ Hikari

    If you see black areas around the actual image, you probably changed the Image Zoom in the vorpX menu. Please make sure that ImageZoom is set to 1.0 and Aspect Mode to “Pixel 1:1”. These are the default settings for the game.

    Since you apparently already changed a lot of vorpX settings, it probably makes sense to restore the netire profile to its default values in the vorpX config app (trouble shooting page).

    Also make sure that the game’s .ini files are at their default state by deleting them and restarting the game afterwards. If I understand you correctly, you changed .ini files manually. To be sure these manual edits don’t interfere with vorpX, they should be undone. Just in case.

    Afterwards apply the Game Optimizer settings for the game in the vorpX config app. That will take care of the camera field of view. Changing the image zoom or any other FOV related setting will not be necessary afterwards.

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