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    Is there a comfort movement option somwhere? Which adds kind of gradient from the sides of the view to avoid getting sick in motion?

    I am enjoying vorpx very much, but i get sick in 15 minutes without teleport or comfort movement. with TES Oblivion i can write a mod to teleport, which i did, and then it’s just great to pkay it in vr, but with other games no such luck.

    Is there an option to use comfort movement?
    If there is no such option i hope it will be added :)
    And vorpx doesn’t even need to know if i am moving or not, simply dim the sides of the screen when i press any of the movement keys like w,s,a,d (which can be made configurable).

    In directvr, zoom option in vorpx menu seems to work like this, even though it looks strange without the gradient. But it wont turn on and off as i run around, it stays the same.

    Tried searching but found nothing.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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