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    Condemned: Criminal Origins (G3D and Full VR) -> Steam Version

    This game is surprisingly really good in VR. Nothing like using a lead pipe, shovel or 2×4 with bolts to kick some butt….lol. I used the shader authoring tool to deal with the skybox!

    Other things to note
    – Create autoexec.cfg where your game exe is and enter following.
    “HeadBob” “0.000000”
    “FovY” “95”.
    – Disable Volumetric Lighting, Soft Shadows and Shadows in game detail graphic settings. Everything else maximum. You can experiment with the above settings but looks and performs better without lighting and shadows.
    – Use VorpX settings for personal preferences. G3D strength at 1.00 works well my settings at a resolution of 3840×2880 4:3

    Game also has a suspenseful atmosphere and graphics not bad considering the year of this title.

    Have fun whacking!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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