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    Hello guys,

    I recently got confused with the following circumstance:

    The Game Infernal uses AGEIA techniques (i was guessing thats the game engine).
    A few other games use this like Mass Effect, Gothic 3. But Mass Effect is using Unreal 3 engine and Gothic 3 definately not, wiki says Gothic 3 is using “AGEIA”.

    Infernal using AGEIA too.

    VorpX has Mass Effect, Gothic 3 supported, but trying these profiles (among others) didnt provide G3D. (only very distorted).

    Now i am quite confused if AGEIA is a game engine at all and (if i would just hold that “power to the people” tool in my hands) what Gothic 3 has to do with Mass Effect.

    And, what game engine if not AGEIA has Gothic 3 ?

    can anyone help ?


    AGEIA is PhysX. Didn’t you google AGEIA ?


    Yes is did, but somehow i came to the conclusion Ageia was a software instead of a company. So we better forget about this posting ;-)

    Though i still wonder what engine Gothic 3 is running with.


    The Gothic developers use their own in-house engine. Not sure whether there is a name for it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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