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    Is vorpx working with directx 12 version of Remedy’s Control? I vaguely remember that it is supposed to, but vorpx does not hook (it starts hooking, but never finishes, and the game continues to run without vorpx). Directx 11 version works fine.


    Probably won’t happen. One of the many games where DX12 is actually slower than DX11, so there is not much reason to use it.

    Contrary to popular belief fueled by highly misleading raw draw call submit benchmarks DX12 isn’t automatically faster than DX11. Its raw performance gain to a large degree comes from the fact that it does less bookkeeping and safety checks compared to DX11. A lot of this work still has to be done though, and since DirectX doesn’t do it anymore, game devs have to do it themselves. Unless they do it more efficiently than DX11 did, DX12 isn’t really better/faster in any way.


    Thanks for the reply, Ralf. The only reason I am asking is because directx 12 for this games enables use of dlss. So, maybe in this particular case it is worth it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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