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    Hey Folks, Ralf especially,

    I just wanted to know how that controller emulation works for you people.
    I’m still fiddling around, trying to get Skyrim to work with Vorpx – I’d like to play with controller since at times its hard to find the right keys on keyboard.

    What I noticed is:
    – (game issue) Native Xbox360 support in skyrim ON — No headtracking (VorpX emulates mouse movement via headtracking and enabling 360 seems to disable the mouse)

    – (VorpX issue) the movement controls are horrid with the “internal controller handling”. Touching the left stick ever so gently makes you run half a mile into that direction at a fixed speed.

    – (VorpX issue) the standard binds for Xbox360 controller inside VorpX are, well, wrong.
    Example: it says (“Left Stick” = S|MouseM) , but hitting it actually hits ESC and brings up the main menu.
    I tried rebinding the “Left Stick” to “LCTRL” (for sneaking) – hit Save & Close, but still it seems to emulate pressing ESC

    What’s your experience with the emulated gamepad stuff?
    Is it just mine that’s crapping out, or is it something that someone should look into in future VorpX updates?


    Using the left stick with the controller emulation works like hitting the “W” key (walk), rspectively “SHIFT+W” (run) when you press the stick further. So, pressing it only gently will make you go slowly, pushing it completely forward will make you run. This is how all programs with similar functionality (XPadder for example) work.

    Sometimes this is inverted, in this case you can change the “Invert Walk/Run” option on the gamepad page of the ingame menu.

    Binding the thumbstick buttons seems indeed wrong, apparently the back/start buttons and the thumbstick buttons are swapped in the binding menu. You can change the thumbstick button binding by assigning to back/start and vice versa. Funny that noone noticed this so far.

    Probably an issue with wireless vs. wired x-box controller. I will look into it. Normally ESC should be bound to back and start per default, not the thumbsticks.


    I’m using the Wireless version, what could also be, is that it’s “Original MS Drivers” vs “Custom Drivers” for the controller.

    In the past I used a custom driver as this allowed me to map the triggers as either buttons or axises (which isn’t possible with MS drivers), but I’m now using the original drivers again. From that switch I can tell that simple things can indeed lead some button orders to shift or swap.

    As for the Start/Select + Thumbstick buttons being swapped — indeed, this appears to be the accurate behaviour, I didn’t notice in my short test.

    What about the “Control Smearing” / Echo though, do you have that on your end?
    (When I touch the stick for a second to move and then release it, it keeps walking for a while before stopping instead of stopping directly.)


    Can’t replicate that here. Releasing the stick immediately stops the motion (tested in Skyrim).


    Oh and, if there is indeed a difference between controller layouts it might work to do something like this:

    1. While [DEL] menu is open, do not accept emulated controls
    2. Buttons are labeled by input number (1 = A, 2 = B, … 9 = StickL etc)
    3. Pressing a gamepad button while menu is open jumps to that bind-entry (or flashes it, so you know what’s what)
    4. holding a gamepad button for half a second prompts for inputting the bound key(s)

    Doing it like this would (for BUTTONS) make the bindings compatible with any controller layout and any controller driver without possibilities of having it swapped.

    That being said… development focus should probably be put to other things for now, but it may be something to keep in mind/consider for later.


    I just tried the Stick thing again – it seems to be an issue with the lack of Deadzones (releasing the stick doesn’t put it back right in the center).
    With the original MS driver you cannot define deadzones however, so this is a problem.
    I Tried putting the sensitivity for the left stick way down, but that didn’t help.

    Any chance that deadzones could be implemented in a future or nightly update? :)
    You’re really quick at responding btw~


    In most cases the internal controller emulation should be be sufficient, but it doesn’t try to compete with specialized tools, which offer more options.

    However, you can use any external controller emulation while using vorpX. Xpadder and Pinnacle Profiler are probably the best known examples.


    XPadder Profile for the Wireless XBOX Controller (MS Drivers !) for SKYRIM:

    – You can WALK (touch Left Stick gently < 40%), RUN (touch >40%, <90%) and SPRINT (touch >90%)
    – all 8 Favourite Keys available
    – item management control mode available
    – lots of free, unassigned buttons that you can assign depending on your needs / mods.


    LTrigger = (RMB) Attack Left
    RTrigger = (LMB) Attack Right
    RB = (Z)    Shout/Power
    Select =       (MMB) <em>VorpX Edge Peek</em>
    LB + Select =  (Shift+MMB) <em>VorpX VR Menu</em>
    Start =        (ESC) Main Menu
    A = (E)     Use / Hold to Grab
    B = (TAB)   Compass Menu
    X = (R)     Ready Weapon/Close Dialog
    Y = (SPACE) Jump / Lock Target 
    LStickButton = (CTRL) Sneak
    LStickMove = (ALT/SHIFT + WASD) Moving
    RStickMove = Mouse Movement
    (Directions given are on DPAD)
    ◄ = (1)
    ▲ = (2)
    ► = (3)
    ▼ = (4)
    LB + ◄ = (5)
    LB + ▲ = (6)
    LB + ► = (7)
    LB + ▼ = (8)
    LB + RStickButton = (Q) Favourites Menu
    RStickButton + RStick-Up/Down = Zoom In/Out (3rd Person)
    RStickButton + DPad-Up/Down = Increase/Decrease Item Slider by 1 Step
    RStickButton + Dpad-Left/Right = Set Item Slider to 1 / Max

    Too bad this is wordpress, an Edit button for own posts would be greatly appreciated :p
    *Edit: Image couldn’t be clicked, should now be possible


    How do I apply this to vorpx? can I cut and paste this into a preference file somewhere? Thanks in advance! Im new to Windows.


    Its a profile for a separate program called “XPadder”.
    Its a programme that lets you map custom functions and key-presses to controllers, giving you much more functionality than native keybinding would.

    [post shortened by admin]


    I just wanted to know how that controller emulation works for you people.

    Pretty good. Haven’t experienced any problems with it.

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