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    is there a way to use the 3d controllers as a mouse for point and click games? For instance in Diablo 3 rather than using the joystick on the controller to move the pointer, it would be a lot easier and faster to simply point at the spot on the screen. I don’t see anything obvious in the setup but the terminology is new so it could be there.


    There is no way to do that via controller pointing, only right stick mouse move works currently. Controller pointing is on the nice-to-have-list though, *might* come at some point.


    I’ve been having some luck with OVR Toolkit. It’s a SteamVR overlay to display and control windows or desktops in VR games.
    You can add the game’s desktop and adjust it so overlaps the vorpx screen in immersive/cinema modes. Then set it at 5FPS/eco, 0% opacity (with a small hack) and disable touch mode in general settings.
    This is the result I got with The Witcher:

    A few words of caution:
    Games meant to be used with a mouse can have small UI elements. If you ever used controllers to point in VirtualDesktop or WMR/SteamVR desktop viewers you know they are not ideal.
    OVR Toolkit is a paid app, I use it for other things and consider this use case a bonus. The experience might not be as expected and future updates might make it unusable since it’s not an intended purpose.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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