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    First of all, great work so far Ralf. For a beta injector I’m pretty impressed with the work you’ve done. I searched for answers to my questions but didn’t find what I was looking for in the forum.

    I have Skyrim running fine with the DK2, positional tracking and all. However I’m vexed by the controls. I prefer to use an Xbox gamepad with games like Skyrim so that I can sit back and relax while using the rift. I’m aware that you suggest turning off gamepad support via the game menu in favor of the built in controller emulation. I am, however, finding that the controls are quite finicky using the gamepad with the emulation.

    I tried using Xpadder to create my own controller map but it conflicts with the built in emulation and leads to all kinds of problems.

    My questions are as follows:

    1) Is there a control map that shows the Skyrim gamepad controls used by the vorpX emulator, and can they be remapped?

    2) Is there a way to disable the built in emulation so that I can use Xpadder instead without the conflict? I’d like to have access to the vorpX-specific macros like [SHIFT][SPACE] to recenter, middle mouse key to edge peek (seems to be initiated with Start with vorpX emulator…?) and shift+middle mouse key etc.

    Controls and judder are my two biggest roadblocks to enjoying Skyrim in DK2 right now. That actually brings up another questions, is there a way to see the FPS in game without a third party app like FRAPS? I know you don’t recommend FRAPS, but I think performance is to blame for my stuttering issues. I have a 3770K and two 780Ti’s (SLI disabled per your suggestion) but I still need to play with the graphics options to get smoother experience. I think the graphics are still set to Ultra and I do have some texture mods, I’ll have to play around with them to get an acceptable framerate.

    But yeah, TL:DR – gamepad controls, is there a key map and is it rebindable and barring that, can I disable the emulation to use Xpadder, and FPS counter.

    Thanks for your time, keep up the good work!


    Never tried an external gamepad tool tbh, you should be able to use xpadder if you change the “Handle gamepads internally” option in the vorpX menu ([DEL]). You can also change key bindings for the internal gamepad emulation there, that will most likely be enough, except for complex multi-key macros.

    Skyrim runs below 60fps on most machines outside, hence the judder. Reducing graphics settings will help, also vorpX’s “G3D Latency Enhancement” (input page of the ingame menu). If you can live without Geometry 3D, Z-Buffer 3D doubles your framerate, but has a less convincing 3D-effect and no positional tracking.


    I must have missed that in the vorpX in-game menu, my apologies. I did check there, obviously not hard enough. That sounds like what I need.

    I’ll play around with the graphics settings, I’m pretty sure I can get it better without turning off G3D.

    Thanks for your help, looking forward to seeing what you can accomplish with future iterations of vorpX.


    Hi Ralf,

    Really excited DK2 support is available in Alpha – fascinating to see how the software progresses.

    I hope these aren’t stupid questions – if they are still bugs, am happy to just see how they get ironed out over coming weeks.

    1) When using either keyboard / mouse or an xbox controller with the DK2 and Skyrim, the controls behave quite strangely. Half the time they will carry out their emulated behaviors, and half the time they will bump me on to my windows desktop. I have refrained from rebinding, because I’m anticipating that these might just be alpha teething problems, and if so I guess I’m happy to just wait until these are resolved.

    2) When I try to disable the vorpx gamepad controls in the del menu, and give it back to skyrim to control all headtracking shuts down.

    Any thoughts?


    Ralf would know better, but as to your second question I think you have to turn off the 360 controller in Skyrim’s menu for the head tracking to work properly. I was asking about disabling the vorpX emulation so that I could try and use a third party app (Xpadder) to map the controls.

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