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    Hello, i want to upgrade my CPU for better vr games and Vorpx performances.

    My current rig is:
    i5 9400F
    16gb Gskill ram
    MSI B360 gaming plus
    RTX 2070 super
    HMD acer AH101

    I have two options cause i need to keep the same motherboard, i can go for the i5 9600k or for the i7 9700k. Is there a big difference between them? I would like to go for the i5 9600k but will it be enough to see a noticeable change of performance with my current rig? I am afraid that the i7 9700k will be harder to cool for not that much extra performance. What should i choose?
    I want to keep that rig for one or two more years before i change it all so i don’t want to put lot of money in it right now.


    I forgot to mention the power supply: be quiet pure power 11 600w.


    Are you *sure* you are CPU bound and not GPU bound? I upgraded (including MB etc. of course) from an old 4ghz quad core 6700k to blazingly-faster AMD 5900x with 12 cores, and only gained meaningful performance in a couple of games. I was already being GPU limited by my 2080super performance, even on the old Intel cpu. I had to wait out the great GPU famine and finally snagged a 3080Ti at msrp, and that made all the difference.

    So be sure to use FPSVR or something similar to be absolutely sure that you are actually CPU limited in the games you are playing, not GPU limited.


    Unless you’re planning to upgrade your entire system to something like 12th gen Intel for DDR5 use don’t bother, though if you can get a better cpu for your socket go for it, the i5 9400F has relatively low base core speed (2.9 GHz when most are already @ ~4.0 GHz) and while it may seem like an obvious upgrade, the differences in performance are minimal (the best cpu of your generation, the 9900KS has a performance of only 10% higher while having 8 cores).

    You’re much better off upgrading your GPU, specially to something like a 3080TI/3090 as those are almost TWICE (75% according to benchmarks) as powerfull as their previous generation counterpart (specifically 2080 Super, half for the 2080Ti, unlike with cpus there is quite a difference between gpu models), and just as expensive. Which simply doesn’t happen with cpus as even the best and newest (i9 12900KF) is barely more powerful than your cpu (with an improvement of only 34% while being a 16 core cpu).


    @mr_spongeworthy. I am trying to buy fpsvr with no success so far, i am stuck at “ongoing treatment” no matter what i do. I will open a ticket soon to ask why.

    . I am not planning to upgrade my entire setup until one or two years. I thought maybe i could gain 10-20 fps by upgrading my cpu to a better one from the same gen (9th). I can have a good price for second hand 9600k or 9700k.
    GPU price are really crazy right now so i don’t want to buy a RTX 3000 series, i prefer to wait for the next gen.
    Basically i have two options left, upgrade my cpu with a better one from 9th gen and upgrade my ram up to 32GB. But if i can’t get 10-20 more fps (in my hmd) by changing my cpu+ram there is no point to do it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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