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    Hello Guys, today ive tried something real crazy. I ran VorpX with “Emerald Mine”. The free Game is called “RocksandDiamonds” , get it here . It runs all the old Amiga Emerald Mine Levels. I converted them myself from the amiga, look under Levels and Artwork, you can find links to 50000 other levels there. The original emerald mine levels can be also found through google if you cant find them here.

    It looks so gorgeous in immersive sceen mode, even with headtracking !!!! You will probably not stop playing this game even its a 2D Game.

    Get improved free level music here :
    and a Widescreen Mod here :
    (Readme.txt is important)

    Note : To get best view you must first fiddle around a bit with the graphics and sound settings before starting.

    I am really exited about this.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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