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    Does vorpx support Crytek engine for games


    Yes there are profiles for a few Cryengine games, like the Crysis games and Prey. I play War of Rights with this profile.

    But you should know that online games that force an anti cheat service (BattlEye, Easy Anti Cheat) will block vorpX, so 3D injection is not possible. I too wish we could play Hunt Showdown. It seems awesome.

    One less ideal option is to use the vorpX desktop viewer to play Showdown in your headset. It will not be in 3D, but it may enable mouse based head tracking, and you can size the screen to take up the full field of view of your headset.


    Thankyou that’s a bummer.

    I bought vorpx to play red dead 2 which I have to buy yet as well
    Any suggestions on how to set vorpx up with rifts and red dead
    Also I was looking at arma 3 as well any thoughts on those games on how they play in vr


    Arma III works great in FullVR mode, even with decoupled walk/look (via head tracking > TrackIR conversion). Setup is largely automated, you pretty much just have to dial in graphics details and resolution that you consider the best compromise between performance and fidelity on your machine.


    Thanks Ralf, are their any videos on how to dial it in? Also what about red dead very keen to see how it is any suggestions on settings for rift s

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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