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    Hi, all. Great program, but have one unclear area of inquiry.

    I have followed the tutorial and successfully added a number of custom resolutions to the Nvidia panel. One thing I am not clear on: is there an option to select a custom rez in Vorpx somewhere, or do we just select the desired rez in game? Trying with Conarium and not seeing the new rez choices in the game’s options.

    Did not see any custom resolution options in Vorpx…


    Depends on the game. Whenever vorpX can change the resolution for a game you can select a quality preset on the DirectVR page of the ingame menu and vorpX then figures out the actual resolution depending on various parameters, e.g. the chosen play style and what resolutions a game supports or not.

    For Conarium that isn’t the case though, so for this game you have to set the resolution in the game’s option menu. Typically a 4:3 resolution (e.g. 1920×1440) is a good choice for for playing in FullVR mode. Caveat: some games have the unfortunate habit of not showing anything higher than the current desktop resolution. In such a case you would have to change your desktop res before launching the game.


    Below is a tip

    I use a program called NvCRBT which saves all custom resolution’s so when I install a new driver I just restore my custom resolutions with NvCRBT saves a lot of time

    The program must be run as admin.


    Ralf & Zig, I greatly appreciate the help!
    Ralf, great program and support.:^)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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