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    I’m looking at the current situation with dk2 vorpx, and analyzing some aspect, quite worrying for the future cv1 with vorpx.

    The vast majority of “recent” games current,with vorpx support,are only support with 3d z buffer or just are fully represented in 2D.
    Apparently, they are not supposed 3d geometry because these games can not maintain 75 fps despite the availability of high-end PC.

    It makes me wonder what next for cv1:
    If present, this problem occurs to 75fps, which we expect to support cv1 considering their higher overall resolution and also 90Hz/90fps??
    ¿Does this mean that we can only play 2d?
    ¿only games with 3d-z buffer except some particular case?

    ¿What kind of support can we expect for the commercial versions (VR headset) with vorpx?


    vorpX will support commercial headsets if technically possible and if these headsets gain a substantial share of the market, which obviously is the case for the Oculus Rift CV1.

    vorpX will also continue to support both 3D methods as far as technically feasible. The more complex 3D graphics in games get the more difficult this gets though, especially in regard to modern multi-pass/deferred renderers, which do many things like lighting, shadows and much more in additional 2D-passes. So you may see more new Z3D only titles than this was the case with DX9-era games, where “stereofying” a game was substantially simpler due to the rendering pipelines being less complex. We are of course working on that heavily as you probably can imagine.

    There will be many cases though with newer games where G3D does not really make sense performance wise as you already noted, regardless whether it will be available or not. G3D always did and always will cost about 50% of performance. So if your PC can’t handle extremely high framerates for a game, G3D does not really make sense. Nothing has changed about that, except that newer games obviously are far more demanding performance wise than older ones.

    You can expect a vorpX release that works with the CV1 as soon as: A. we have a CV1, and B. Oculus releases the SDK 1.0 for everyone. Plus the time needed for implementing any required changes, of course.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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