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    I’m curious which HMD performs better with Vorpx.
    I have a CV1 coming next month, but I might buy a Vive instead.
    I plan on playing a lot of games in Vorpx, so I’d prefer the headset that
    has the better performance.


    I’ve heard from Ralf that the CV1 is a little smoother. To add to that though, I have the Vive and it seems great to me.


    i can’t say which is better for VorpX. but i can say hands down the vive is a better HMD


    What I dont like about fanboys is that they spread their words everywhere and pollute the forums with their truths.

    That said, if vorpx can make good use of ATW, CV1 should be smoother if your game runs between 45 and 89 fps.


    It may be the 45 to 89 fps thing but I find the Vive works much better for Skyrim. I think my FPS is pretty low on that but with the Vive it is smooth enough to enjoy. With the cv1 it is all jittery. It is also clearer for some reason even though I think I have all the Vorpx settings the same.

    Wondering if anyone else notices the same?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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