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    I’ve only used VorpX on the Death Stranding before and basically had it running in floating 3D TV version… So when I loaded up Cyberpunk 2077 to see how it worked I was pleasently surprised to see Full VR mode.

    I’m running:
    Ryzen 3600X
    32GB DDR4 3200
    GTX 1660 (overclocked to basically TI equivalent)
    Quest 1 connected via VR Desktop and 866MBPS WIFI (computer on 1gbps ethernet)

    I liked the VR experience. Much better than my 24″ monitor. But couple of problems I’m not sure if I can work around or not:

    1- When I use the right grip, it zooms out to TV mode and the resolution is very clear, but otherwise the resolution is very glitchy. I cannot read the text. The map is all wonky.

    2- I find it a bit hard to move from keyboard to the joystick with limited number of key mappings. Does everyone use the default controller key mapping? or is there a custom one that people like more?

    3- I get trailing black bar frame in vision when I move my head left to right, I think that’s VR Desktop doing that so probably ignore that. It does it from time to time to me.I’ll try again later after a restart.

    4-On cut scenes it zooms in too close. I usually hold right grip to zoom out of those.

    Any other tips or guides for getting cyberpunk 2077 going well on my setup?


    I was pleasently surprised to see Full VR mode

    I don’t think it has a full vr mode, just that Z3D thingy. To make it less blurry you’d have to set custom resolutions but then you’ll get 5FPS with that GPU, so you’re best off just playing it like you played DS.


    I think he meant 360° VR. Maybe Z3D doesn’t work as well in FullVR mode like it does in Cinematic Mode. I tried CP2077 in VorpX, didn’t like the experience (especially the head movement was very strange), and did my first playthrough on my 21:9 monitor.


    Yeah, it was a very crappy experience. Weird it’s listed in Good Full VR Games for Beginners thread.


    back in 2016 fullvr mode was G3D with headtracking, 6dof, automated fov with directvr scan, looks like things changed.

    full VR mode cant be with Z3D when you dont have 6dof.

    there are plenty of full VR enabled game, like skyrim, fallout 3, bioshock 1,2, infinite and many more but i have hard time understand why some games are listed as full Vr mode while they arent, i know for sure cp2077 is not, as defined since 2016 was fullVr mode was and is supposed to be.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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