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    Hello, i’ve bought VorpX today and I wanted to try out Cyberpunk 2077. I followed a guide how to install VorpX.

    I configured VorpX, made a standard profile for Cybeprunk 2077 and selected Oculus Rift. I launched Cyberpunk 2077 and immediately received a message that Oculus software doesn’t support any directx 12 games.

    So, I went back to the VorpX settings, changed it to SteamVR and relaunched the game. It immediately flatlines on the CD Projekt intro. I deleted Cyberpunk 2077 and re-install it and it was now working in SteamVR settings.

    But the game looked VERY ugly and pixaleted and it was very zoomed it. The video told me to put the field of view on 100, but it was still very zoomed in.

    I tried to changed some other settings, but now Cyberpunk 2077 flatlines all the time, no matter what settings I use or changed it back to default. I just can’t get it to work anymore, unless I re-intall the game again.

    I do have a powerful computer, a I9 14900kF, RTX 4080 and 32gb DDR5 memory on 6000mhz and installed on a m.2 SSD. When I watch other people video’s, it looks so much better.


    Try either the cutting edge build 24.1.0 or the CP2077 standalone mod. The latest regular build does not have any of the CP2077 related extra functionality. Works totally different with the newer builds. Both are linked on the front page.

    As far as resolution (‘pixelated’) is concerned, use the ‘resolution quality’ setting in the vorpX menu to find the best compromise between fidelity and performance.

    BTW: Also make sure to read all instructions shown in the headset after launching the game.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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