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    So, I downloaded the mod.

    Went through the tutorial. Got the green tick with all the gestures. Started the game and not all the controls work.

    The trigger controls do work to access the Vorpx menu.
    The headset works to look around the game.
    But the oculus controller buttons including thumbstick don’t work.

    Also, when I change any graphics settings in the game menu it doesn’t seem to make a difference in the oculus. I presume the Vorpx menu overrides the game system settings.

    I can use my mouse and keyboard.

    I’ve tried re-installing cyberpunk through STEAM. I’ve turned off theatre mode. I’ve tried reinstalling the vorpx mod. I’ve tried stationary boundary and room boundary.

    The Oculus is linked using a cable.

    I’m running the latest Nvidia GPU DRIVER with my 3080.
    I’m running the latest Cyberpunk 2077 update.

    Ideally, I’d like to be able to use the oculus controllers but if that’s not possible then I would like to change the settings so that the Field of View is better and not so jittery. It’s really difficult to read any text that comes up in the game on HUD on the Oculus headset. Next to impossible to read anything.

    Any help greatly appreciated.



    Hello friend, I was having the same issue until I accessed the vorpx menu using “Del”(delete key) in game. I then went to the controller settings and changed it from game pad to keyboard and mouse and that seemed to work. Hope this helps 🥰


    I’m having a similar issue. I also switched the setting to Keyboard/mouse however I read in another post it should be set to gamepad. When I switched it to keyboard/mouse I could get into the game. I also have a weird “drift” issue with the mouse cursor in the Vorpx Menu, it makes changing the setting take twice as long, anyone else have this problem.

    Curious if there was a general setting for Cyberpunk to use? like input method, stereo eye/depth setting, etc…Or even better if anyone has made a video walking though the general steps. I see the potential here, but there no direction.


    Edit: after fiddling with it, I got it working. I had to reinstall and change back to gamepad control. But now, the game crashes, I think it’s the video settings…FYI I’m running a 3060 and a Ryzen 7, 16 gb RAM. The Gamepad setting is the best option I found. To make sure you’re using it correctly, look at the hands, the buttons are all mapped out.


    I forgot to mention I updated the files with the ones provided here

    And I swear keyboard mouse was the only way it worked 😅


    Having same issue. Clean install of everything. only mod is the above cyber-tweaks. I do get the redscript compilation error on startup I which havent been able to fix…

    Some strange issues: When moving around in the options screen in actual Cyberpunk, the cursor moves with the left controller movement but I have to select items with the right trigger? Also several initial screens make me push the space bar to continue-

    In the game, I cant look around with headset.
    Cant move with Vorpx options set to “gamepad”, have to change to keyboard and mouse.
    Cant get the screen to fill the full fov, still is semi windowed after trying different settings
    I spend about a hour every night trying to get it to work :( I have read through the 60 page thread as well

    I start airlink
    Start steam vr, in the oculus headset it puts me into into steam vr room.
    Go to desktop, start Cyberpunk
    Cyberpunk opens in a window in the Stream VR room.
    Initial Vorpx instructions show up and I can go through the tutorial fine – then push A wont work I have to hit spacebar to go into game. In the game, I can get into the Vorpx options by hold left and squeeze right-

    If anyone has any ideas, that would be great!


    looking through back thread and found this :

    Please don’t use VD. Download the Quest/Oculus PC app if you haven’t already and then use Quest Link with Oculus mode selected in the mod config tool. No SteamVR required, no VD required.

    My dumb error – reading is fundamental, it was mentioned several times but just didnt click

    Going to try tonight skipping steam vr running ! Im sure this will fix fov issue


    ok have it running and head tracking is working and it is in full vr. YES! But still same issue as others above – wont move unless it is changed in vorpx menu to keyboard and mouse setting. When Vorpx menu is set to game controller setting the controllers have the right buttons mapped visually but no movement – but when in keyboard and mouse setting the buttons showing on the oculus controller don’t match the actual buttons physically there, so you cant “push” some of the needed buttons, but the joysticks work for movement and turning

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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