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    1. Install the Developer Extras

    2. You can use the Cyber Engine Tweaks (CET) of Ralfs CP2077 VR Mod, but you have to set a Hotkey Binding for your needs to open the ingame menu.

    My Binding is the Button “End” on my keyboard in the bindings.json in the CET Folder

    cet.overlay_key”: 9851624184872960

    3. Modify the following shader in the ingame menu

    Ambient Occlusion = off
    Subsurface Scattering = off
    Bloom = off
    Screen Space Reflection = off
    SSAO = off
    Async Compute = off
    Crowd SpawnLimit = 1
    Fog (All) = off


    what kind of increase can we expect from this?


    With this mod you can get 10-20fps, but i have detected that a restart of the game every 60 minutes has the same effect, but without lower the graphic settings. I don’t know why is this not fixed by CD Project after one year of patches, but the performance of the game drops after playing a while and a Restart fixes that completely from 40fps back to 60fps.

    With this mod can those, who have to run the game in Z3D get a few fps in addition to a Restart every hour to play the game in DirectVR 3D, with noticeable lower graphics.


    So are you saying that you don’t recommend this ? or only install this if you don’t like restarting every 60 min and dont mind low graphics.


    with a highend pc i would not install this, because the graphics are very noticeable lower with this mod, but with for example a RTX2060 or RTX3060 i would install it

    restarting every 60 minutes is essential with or without this mod, i would not use it to bypass the restarts


    is this standalone mod only g3d? or has z-normal?


    You can also switch to Z3D if you want. Makes a lot of sense actually if you can‘t stomach the alternate frame 3d.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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