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    Hi Ralf,

    I used the VR mod with an RTX 3090 and whilst performance seems acceptable the visuals are not. Everything looks blurry at medium to long distance even when using the resolution set to Ultra in the VX menu or when using the fidelity FX set to Low. When using this every edge has a shimmer/ghosting making the game feel like you are on acid. Any setting that can alleviate this?

    I am using the GoG version and a HP Reverb G2 and it might be the headset resolution is the cause? In Steam VR you can tailor the HMD render res but I am not sure how to do this when using GoG?

    Second question,

    If I want to revert to play the game normally 2D via my monitor, is there a quick way to disable the VR version?

    Thanks for the mod!


    In addition, I just tried switching in-game to the cinema mode no background and then moved the screen closer for a 3D like experience and the quality is much better even with sharpening enabled. with the screen close it almost feels like VR in terms of depth and scale, except you can’t headtrack. With most of my FOV in the game where the blackness outside of the screen is barely noticeable, I wonder then why the VR version looks so much worse, and it is a lot worse than this.


    More testing and the best visuals come from enhanced viewing screen. However, this isn’t practical. The next best and most preferable is using the VR Mode but swapping to letterbox 1. It seems then when choosing 1:1 Pixel it causes too much visual distortion using a GOG version and HP Reverb G2 RTX 3090 combo.


    Yeah, letterbox 1 will lead to a crisper image, because it sacrifices some pixels on the top/bottom of the image in favor of a higher pixel density. If that‘s OK for you, letterbox 1 is a good choice.

    However, if you happen to have DLSS/raytracing enabled, try whether you maybe prefer a lower resolution without DLSS and raytracing. As great as raytracing looks, DLSS can make the image quite blurry since it renders at a lower res and then upscales the image. Personally I‘d consider the benefit of a crisper image without DLSS greater than the benefit of heaving raytracing on.


    Thanks, DLSS was already disabled. Render res at around 4K looks mint but is too stuttery. Letterbox 1 or 2 is where it’s at for me however if there was a way to just get a little closer to the screen to almost eliminate the top-bottom black bars it would be perfect.

    With regards to my second question? How can one play outside of VR again? is it a case of unplugging the headset or can I remove specific files from the folder and put them in again when needed?


    Instead of using the aspect setting, you can seemlessly adjust the image height with the ImageZoom option.

    Sorry, overlooked the other question. You can either uninstall the mod from the normal Windows Add/Remove Programs dialog. Or if you just want to temporarily disable the mod move the [CP2077]\bin\x64\plugins\vpxCP2077.asi somewhere else.

    I’ll add an on/off toggle to the little config utility for the next release.


    Hi there,
    unsure if this is the right thread to ask but..
    So i own Vorpx but am trying to play new CP2077 new Phantom Liberty so downloaded the standalone Mod and it worked, it also looked amazing but after a couple of days it no longer hooks. Am unsure if its because of it being the GOG version of the game? did SteamVR update? I dont know?
    I have the CP2077 PL version 2.01, downloaded latest compatible standalone Vorpx mod,no joy although randomly after trying for about 1/2 hour for several days it MAY randomly work!! haha
    Also keyboard input seems to be not recognised??? so confusing, usually I can figure out what the bug is but im stumped here. Can still load local official profile from Vorpx and it works but it doesnt ‘look’ nearly as good as the standalone version did out of the box.
    I have Windows 11 Asus ROG Flow lappy with RTX3070 eGPU and use HTC Cosmos headset and GOG vers of CP2077

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