cyberpunk 2077 will be dx12 only..

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    we’ll see.
    i’d be amazed if ralf doesnt make it to work tho, cyberpunk 2077 is (in my book) the game of the year, by far and will be a breakthrough in videogame industry.


    Dx12 is already working to some degree if I’m not mistaken.

    And yes, this will be the game to end all games, no doubt. Counting the days…


    More like “game of the generation”. Given how popular it will be (hint: crazy numbers! :), i doubt that Ralf will not take this as a motivation to polish up the DX12 part of VorpX. I think it will be resources well spent.

    Now i just hope that this time HP will not blunder the release of their new hardware and the Reverb G2 will be free of quality issues! I’m pre-ordering next week. []-)


    I hope they will allow 8:9 aspect ratios, The Woitcher 3 runs nice on VR, but I can’t have a decent resolution because it only admits 4:3 or wider aspect ratios.

    DX12 will arrive to VorpX sooner or later …

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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