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    Hey Ralf,

    With the latest update I’m finally able to get the clarity out of Cyberpunk I want. Previously I tried the game a few times for brief periods, but never played it for anything beyond performance testing and reverted to playing it on my 3D display using SuperDepth3D.

    Now that I’ve moved to my HMD through vorpX I’m seeing a LOT of depth-map issues. It’s a hard problem to describe; You know how when you are at a flat loading screen and a map loads behind the loading screen causing it to distort? It’s very similar to that but it’s happening while playing the game. I can turn and very clearly find areas where the depth-map is all wonky. Turn a little more and it will usually go away, but it’s eye-wateringly hard on my eyes and brain every time it happens.

    Is this typical with Cyberpunk, or is there something very wrong on my end? Anything I can do to fix it?


    I sat down last night for a good hour just twiddling settings to try and correct this issue, with no luck. I’ve gone through just about every vorpX and Cyberpunk setting I can think of that might have any effect – RT, DLSS, Standard Z3D vs. Adaptive Z3D, different resolutions, different motion-smoothing techniques, no motion-smoothing at all, immersive screen vs. virtual cinema vs. full VR mode, you name it. Nothing helped.

    I can make it happen by just activating any of a variety of UI elements; walk up to a container, UI element kicks-in, and things go bad right away. Use a Netrunner skill and it’s the same thing. Sometimes it will fix itself afterwards, but often it leaves my game rendering in a distorted state.

    It will also get into a state where there is a line about 40% of the way up the screen (it’s jagged, the right side and left side are slightly different heights); below that line 3D is still working, above that like it’s reverted to 2D.

    Any thoughts at all? I would *love* to start using vorpX for Cyberpunk now that it’s sharp enough for me, but these glitches make it effectively unplayable.

    If vorpX can create a log file of some kind that might help figure this out just let me know how to do so and I’ll send it to you.


    The only setting I’m aware of that causes a garbled depth buffer is the game’s ‘Color Precision’ option, Which has to be set to ‘High’. vorpX handles that automatically though.

    It also sets a bunch of other settings. If you happen to have disabled auto settings, please first and foremost re-enable that. Automatic settings can often be vital for a profile to work correrctly. With default settings (in FullVR mode) vorpX also disables stuff like motion blur etc. for example. Not unlikely that one of these settings also affects the depth buffer heuristics.

    Also please reset the profile to default, just in case.

    If that doesn’t help, it would be great if you could send me a trouble shoot data archive (config app/trouble shooting) and your CP2077 config file ([User]\AppData\Local\CD Projekt Red\\Cyberpunk 2077\UserSettings.json) to support at vorpX com.


    Oh good grief, it was the Color Precision option! I never guessed that would muck with the depth-map and hadn’t changed it.

    Thanks for answering Ralf, you were correct of course; I turned off vorpX’s ability to change my game settings as it kept setting a couple thing I did not want changed. I’m sure it’s annoying to have to tell people over and over to turn that function back on. In the future I’ll try to remember to do so. Like a lot of gamers doing this type of thing, I’m heavy on game-tweaking and have a *very* hard time letting any software automatically adjust anything. I’ll just have to get used to it!

    I’ve got one last new issue to resolve with vorpX that I’ll post in another thread as it’s not specifically Cyberpunk related.

    Thanks again.


    While its related to this topic @Ralf – How hard would it be to have a button/option in UI when using Z3D to switch to depth buffer view for debugging purposes making profiles for non-official games?

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