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    Game ran amazing on my RTX 2070 Super and Rift S:

    My Initial Thoughts:
    You need the LATEST VorpX patch for this to work and the game now has a DEFAULT profile that works out the box.
    There is no 3D geometry yet but Z3D works really well.
    I would rate this game in VorpX along with Halo 4 and Titnafall 2!


    I’m not that lucky. The Oculus Quest2 driver does not work with Cyberpunk 2077. Only SteamVR seems to be supported.

    Similar problem with Flight simulator 2020. In the driver list, there is “flightsimulator.exe” which I assume to be FS2020 but there is just a flat-screen presented when using this driver. A youtube video on how to make it working with oculus and what you can be expecting would be great


    Hello everyone,

    is there a possibility to update VorpX manually? My VorpX stucks on 20.2.0 and no automatical update is starting when I restart the program.

    Thank you.


    @ ThinkTwice:

    Sure, if you kept the small web installer that you got after the purchase, you can simply use that. If not, no problem either: you can get one here:

    @ elocm:

    Try to set the ‘Render Scaling’ option to 100 (the default) in the game’s graphics option. That might be necessary to get 3D. Please also note that over large distances (like in reality) there is not a lot of 3D. Stereo vision works at close/medium distances, in VR just as in reality. You should notice a pronounced 3D effect when you switch the camera to external and look at the plane if all is working right.


    I just got it to work now easily now the hard part seems to be changing the button bindings to my Xbox controller .. any tips? Something I do in steam first?


    The controller will work fine, it’s just the help overlay that constantly changes between controller/keyboard. vorpX emulates a mouse for head tracking, which confuses the game a bit so that it doesn’t know which help overlay to show. Everything works perfectly fine though.


    VorpX noob here:
    Anyway to get this to work with the GOG version of CP2077?
    If so, how? Thanks!
    (Using a RiftS with 2070 Super, latest version of VorpX, latest version of Nvidia drivers, etc).


    I use the GOG Version of cyberpunk, but have it running with a WMR headset (HP Reverb G1). I just launched WMR, then VorpX and then Cyberpunk from GOG. Works fine.


    I managed to launch it only through SteamVR mode, I play in the Rift S helmet, but if I switch VorpX to Oculus (Device selection) mode, the game is not displayed in the helmet, only on the desktop, the VorpX logo is displayed, what could be the reason. Version of the game from GOG. Thank you in advance.


    With DX12 games on Steam there is an incompatibility caused by the Steam overlay when vorpX is set to ‘Oculus’, hence DX12/Steam games only work with vorpX set to ‘SteamVR’. Normally you should see an according warning message when you launch an DX12/Steam game in Oculus mode.


    I did not see any warnings, because I launch this game through an ordinary shortcut on the desktop, and not from the Steam library. In Oculus mode, the game starts, shows the VorpX logo (on the desktop), only the helmet is constantly loading, and the game is not displayed. When you switch to SteamVR mode in VorpX, the game starts even from the virtual desktop in Oculus, through SteamVR itself, such are the things.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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