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    I am using Oculus Rift with RTX3060, latest public drivers.

    In CP77 I am experiencing kind of glitch, that is visible on linked pictures.
    In VR it is way more visible then on screenshots.

    Foreground objects cast “parallax shadow” on background – maybe such glitch has some name, but I don’t know it so I’ll try to describe and show.

    So in right eye, background parts that are NOT visible (obscured by nearby object) by left eye are corrupted.
    And in left eye, background parts that are not visible by right eye ale also corrupted.

    During a game glitch is dynamic, looks like flickering projection of foreground casted on background.
    It happens in both “immerse picture” and “full VR”.
    It happens all the time during a game.
    Tried some configurations (different settings, resolution, details level) but without an effect.

    Any idea what else I should try?

    Screenshots are pictures from right eye.
    Shotgun obscures left eye view, and in that area that is obscured for left eye, in right eye we see “shadow” of shotgun on the ground.
    Especially visible for three leftmost persons in the frame.
    You can see “shadow” on their right side.
    Same as previous one
    Very clearly visible as “shadow” of Panam’s face.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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