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    So I finally got Cyberpunk working, kind of, but now the actual image is HUGE like twice that it should be. How do I scale the view down by say 25% or 50%? I don’t know if I should fix that in the Cyberpunk settings, or the VorpX settings…I’m so close but not quiet there!

    System is Ryzen 7/Nvidia 3060/16gb ram/Oculus2 headset using Airlink over Wifi6.


    I sometimes get weird zoom issues with Cyberpunk. I can be playing just fine in Immersive mode, switch to Full VR then it looks like the screen is scaled 200%. Likewise, I can start the game and it appears zoomed.

    I usually open the Vorpx menu and toggle between modes, sometimes resetting the visuals section to defaults helps. I’m new to Vorpx so my methods of fixing issues are very much like a sledge-hammer to crack a nut. I’m sure there are more elegant and precise methods.


    You shouldn’t have to play Cyberpunk in immersive mode. Try the standalone Cyberpunk mod. Far exceeds what any ‘normal’ vorpX profile does. Will also come to the next regular vorpX release, but for now only available in the standalone version.

    3D and 6DOF by directly accessing the game’s camera system, auto EdgePeek for cutscenes/dialogs, VR optimized vehicle cameras, context aware gestures inc. true hand aiming and various other goodies. Actually fairly close to what you would get had the game an actual VR version (minus direct interaction with ingame objects).


    Hey… I am having exactly the same problem and people keep suggesting the standalone mode, but this is not only happening with Cyberpunk 2077 but also with games like Battlefront Star Wars… I get a 200% zoom image every time… changing FOV in the game and in VORPX is useless… Because of this games are unplayable… did you find a get around for this, please? People keep suggesting the standalone mod which I used, but Battlefront has no vr mod and seems as zoomed in…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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