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    Hi all, new here. Just installed cyeberpunkVR stand alone. Game and instruction page load with two screens one right and one left. I can open the settings overlay and make changes, but the 2 screen presentation persists, even
    background environment images. I’m on a Index on steam. I previously ran cyberpunk with the Luke Ross mod and it worked (JUST) ok. Is it possible for some left over files from that install to be in conflict with Vorpx. Should I try the full Vorpx app?
    PS. I did a uninstall/reinstall of cyberpunk before trying Vorpx.
    Thanks for such a remarkable tool.


    Please go through the tutorial once, after finishing it you can enter the game. The tutorial tells you a few basic things and teaches you how to use your motion controllers. Don‘t just skip over it!

    BTW: That‘s only necessary one time, after going through the tutorial once you can enter the game directly.


    Hello again Ralf.

    Not sure where the name of my post came from (Can’t enter game) but it has nothing to do with the 2 screen problem, one right eye and one left eye.
    Even the tutorial is doubled. The only thing where the image is not off set
    are the controllers themselves, which are working perfectly as per the tutorial. It is as if I am looking at the screen cross eyed. The game screen at the right of the tut is also doubled, and if I do enter the game I get two images over layed at about a 10% offset

    I’m very sorry to trouble you with this.
    Thank you. Gary46.


    Ah, I see. I interpreted ‘2 screen presentation’ as the two screens in the start room, and hence thought you couldn’t enter the actual game. Top candidate for the most funny misreading of the month. :)

    Sounds indeed as if both mods are active at the same time. The other one probably puts a dxgi.dll (or maybe d3d12.dll) in the game’s binary folder ([CP2077]\bin\x64). Removing that should suffice to disable the mod.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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