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    When running the game, if i am close to someone they are blurry. Like wise I also see double vision when looking at people close up and objects. Medium and long distance is good. Menu, Mini map, and other text based information that appears on the side is out of the view of my vision. so I can’t read it. I can see the box in which we are looking through to see the 3D.

    I am currently using a valve index, Vega 64, Ryzen 7 2700x, with 64G of ram and (2) 1 terabyte SSD M.2 drives


    With your PC/GPU you won’t really be able to run the game at a resolution high enough to make it look crisp. That requires a current high end GPU. Judging from the usual benchmark sites your GPU is slightly slower than a GTX1080, which I would consider minimum spec.

    If you still want to try, follow the suggestion shown in the tutorial on start: set the graphics details to ‘low’ in the game options, then raise the ‘resolution quality’ option in the mod menu as far as your PC allows without tanking performance.

    The HUD can be scaled on the image page of the menu. Without a high resolution that doesn’t really make sense though.


    Well the real issue is the double vision. Its almost like the eyes are two far a part or to close. i have a slide control on the index and it does help a bit to adjust it. I also did noticed the the people were a little bigger than I would expect them to be.

    I will try a lower resolution an let you know if that fixes the problem.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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