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    It seems i do not have the slightest chance to get the Game running in VR.
    This is basically, asking for any Help.

    I did try Running VorpX with

    User Profiles
    DesktopViewer ( wich also results in Stayin on the Desktop not displaying the executive File )
    Starting the Game from Desktop,Steam VR with and without Home and starting it Via GOG Galaxy and without it.

    I did try admin mode, excuding overwatch via BITDEFENDER (gives also no warnings)
    disableing MSI Afterburner, and stuff that i dont need like Viveport for Example.

    I did download those 3 Log Files but i dont know what exacly i am searching for or how to upload them here.

    VorpX Works in Desktop mode if i want to, also can try DEL for the Settings just to say something about Functionality,
    it seems it does not detect Cyberpunk to me.
    There Is no Window like Attaching VorpX or similar, if i go to Add process in profiles it says i can not Attach Cyberpunk to Cyberpunk because its already existing.

    Any Help woul be appriciated.


    Probably BitDefender. It’s so called ‘Advanced Threat Protection’ isn’t quite as advanced as the name suggests and flatout blocks Windows functions used to hook into games. Either disable this function or get rid of that fairly invasive AV software. Third party AV is largely useless in Windows 10, which has its own AV solution built in.

    Also try to start the game directly from the Windows desktop without starting the vorpX desktop viewer first. Shouldn’t be an issue normally, but just in case.


    Hello Ralf;

    Disabeling that also resuluts in no solution, it stays that way.
    I do not get any window showing anything.


    The culprit is almost certainly that invasive AV program. Try to uninstall it. You don’t need third party AV on Windows 10. It comes with Windows Defender built in which is more than good enough for several years now.


    I will disable that later on and provide some Feedback, for now i got Childrens business to attend to, so later ;)
    Let´s see if this solves it, im not that sure, because VorpX is basically running with other stuff.
    But to that, later, thank you for your help, this is highly appriciated !


    So Pardon the Double Posting.

    I did deinstall The AV software and try CP.

    Vorpex Now Shows:

    Attaching to Cyberpunk2077.exe
    This takes quiet a while.If you suspect the Program hangs or you do not want to use VorpX with to it, clickt the according Button.

    Install hookhelper
    prefer defaut hooking
    greyed out
    Close programm
    Do nothing

    what about this ?


    Did you try the two options the dialog offers (hook helper/alternative hooking)?


    After installing alternativ hook
    I can see cyberpunk including the tracking of the Headset in my Monitor,
    so if i move the headset the cursor moves.

    I can´t klick anything with the mouse and
    on My HDM There is a “black” small Screen(the one that usually shows the Game who is starting) und that black screen there is this “Go to”…

    So it seems right on the monitor but its not displayed in the HDM.
    I got a old VIVE running on a 1080 and a 2k HDR monitor.


    Probably some injection conflict with another program on your PC that also hooks into games. Judging from your first post you apparently already went through possible conflicting programs, but might be worth to double check that. If you didn’t read it already, the trouble shooting post on top of this sub forum has more details on the matter.

    If you can’t resolve the issue, please create a trouble shoot data archive in the config app directly after launching the game and send that to support at vorpx com. No promises, but I’ll take a look at that.


    Okay Solution :

    -Uninstall Bitdefender
    -Set Ingameres to 1024 x 768 like in the good old days,
    Start CP set everything up (res up again) , configure Steam AA, and thats that !

    Hey Thank you a lot for your Help, VORPX is better than i expectet its even real3d
    AWSOME ! im Happy to play this ! :)

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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