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    I’m new to VorpX so sorry for a noob question. What is the recommended way to play Cyberpunk 2077? With a VorpX on or standalone mod? So far I’ve quickly tried VorpX and found the FOV completely messed when driving a car. Standalone is kind of playable but occasionally crashes or gets quite uncomfortable at times when there is a lot going on and FPS drops below 72.

    I’m playing on Quest 2 over link in 72Hz mode on Windows 11 machine with RTX 3080 and Intel 12700KF CPU . I’m using “Nicer” profile setting and Z-Normal. Mostly playing in the edge peak mode occasionally switching to full VR.


    Currently the standalone version is the recommended way, it does a lot more than the ‘normal’ profile since it comes with a game specific mod that not only allows to adjust the driving FOV, but also provides (alternate frame) G3D, positional tracking, decoupled walk/look and a lot more stuff that isn’t possible without more direct access to a game.

    With your GPU you should be able to get a decent framerate pretty much all the time with medium graphics details set in the game options. Most importantly disable raytracing. Looks nice, but without you will be able to go a bit higher resolution wise. Overall the crisper image from the higer res is more beneificial than raytracing effects.

    BTW1: The next version of the mod (hopefully next week) will come with a motion controller gesture system that let’s you use motion controllers for more than just gamepad emulation. E.g. for steering cars/bikes, throwing grenades and more.

    BTW2: The next vorpX will have the mod built-in, so after the next vorpX update standalone and regular vorpX will be the same.


    Thanks Ralf.
    I’ve encountered a few consistent crashes between act 1 and 2, disabled the standalone mod to pass the bit that was crashing, but after reenablong it I found it too hard to get the decent quality / performance for some reason. Fps constantly drops below 72 even on low settings making it very uncomfortable on the eyes.
    I’ve decided to play it on my monitor for now as I can play it on ultra with raytracing without any performance issues. Perhaps it’s an oculus link issue on windows 11 that is giving me the problems.
    I’ll try again when the next vorpx version is out. Thanks!


    For me , cyberpunk with vorpx program is too far better that vorpx mod!!!! More setting ,headtracking, more fps!


    I downloaded vorpx through the website and just used the .exe to set up vorpx. Is there a better way to use vorpx I don’t understand what is standalone mod.


    Hi is it true that CET cant be used on the standalone cyberpunk version? If so ist a game changer and unusable. Excuse me but who the h. is playing without mods? Not me…..


    The mod actually uses CET itself. You may have to temporarily disable the mod though if you want to use the CET menu, for which there rarely should be any reason, if at all.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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