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    Out of desperation im going to start a request for help.

    Valve index
    RTX 2080 super
    windows 10
    Intel Core i5 9600K
    16.0GB Dual-Channel Unknown @ 1200MHz
    Installed cyberpunk few weeks ago and picked up and experimented with running tips. rtx on/off res up/down etc.
    It ran ok up to a point then higher my seetings obviously began to stutter, lowered settings.
    But it has always crashed every 5 minutes, seemingly at randowm moments. eg yesterday it crashed in the menus so that couldnt be down to strain on my system.

    A week or two ago i discvovered you could load profiles from the vorpx cloud. A few didnt improve things but one profile {whether its related to the upturn in performance or not} stopped the crashing. I perfected all my sensitivities and had a few days in a row of crash free gameplay for hours on end.

    Then one day i started playing, 5/6 days ago, and everything was messed up, controls were all different and crashing was back.
    To this day my escape menu for settings/quit has jumped from ps4 controller {using app ds4} options button to screenshot button.
    I possibly opened some mouse software in the 24hrs leading up to this but didnt map any buttons differently. Most of the other butons had changed too. And i spent days resetting sensitivities and remapping buttons.

    Now im back to square one, settings altering to get as good a performance as poss before stuttering appears but the game crashes every five minuites again regardless of what cloud or local vorpx profile i use.

    Ive reinstalled my graphics drivers. Ive let geforce experience optimise my settings then gradually turned some down again without success. It crashed in the menu !

    So now inste4ad of being in a fine tweaking stage im in a doubt everything stage.
    Is it an nvidia setting ?
    Is it a vorpx setting ?
    Is it a game setting ?

    Incidentally it doesnt crash in pancake mode.

    I love this game. But the inevitable freezing screen every five minutes is driving me mad.

    Advice on getting a good quality game appearance welcome. I have a rtx 2080 super and yet play in fuzzy low res roads albeit with decent framerate.
    And please someone have some advice on how to stop the crashing. A setting, a sacrifice to the gods, anything.



    The game is rather popular and also has been tested here for hours on two different machines (nVidia as well AMD), so it’s safe to say that there is no general issue, has to be something individual.

    Can’t really suggest anything else than general trouble shooting stuff:

    1. Make sure you have the latest display drivers installed.
    2. Do not overclock anything.
    3. Try to lower the game’s graphics detail settings.
    4. Disable any potentially interfering background application (e.g. CPU/GPU tools of any kind, messengers like Discord, generally everything that can display an overlay in games).
    5. In case you have any mods installed, try without.


    Thanks Ralf. Yeh i have done those things but will double check. I did overclock but the crashing was there pre and post overclock im pretty sure.
    Graphics – can i ask what graphics settings do you have ?
    Geforce exxperience always says i should have game optimised to turn most settings high and max but i notice fps issues and lower some things. I end up with low res fuzzy streets but have a pretty powe4ful graphics card so feel my gpu should be able to achieve more than fuzzy low res streets.
    Im always trying to turn windows defender and Avira free off but sometimes forget so will double check.
    I only installed mods yesterday so probably not the cause of the crashes.

    It went away and came back. so frustrating.


    Sorry if it’s a bit off the topic of vorpx, but considering the game is $60, I really want to know if you guys think the game itself is any fun to play. Recent reviews have said NPC interaction is non-existent, the driving and fighting isn’t that enjoyable, and the story is kind of boring. Mom sure it’s beautiful-looking, especially in VR. But so is Low-Fi. But you can only take in the atmosphere for so long before the lack of interaction becomes a downer.

    So anyone who’s played the game, do you like playing it? Is it engaging? Does it draw you back? Is it worth the $$$ beyond the graphics?


    Quite honestly, on my list of games to play, Cyberpunk is down at the bottom somewhere. I never got far enough into the story though, if there is one, because I couldn’t really figure out what in the heck I was supposed to do. Who am I, why am I here, where am I going… Figured I’d go back at some point and start over and try to make sense of it.


    Ralph – after a crash i looked in event viewer and dated and timed exactly at the crash it said this –


    Any idea what this means ?


    lipplog – My opinionse on the game. The size and scale of the city is a plus. It genuinely feels like you are in a city so sprawling you dont become familiar with it too quick.
    Borderland style character advancement , guns, bladed,clothes, mods, addictive.
    Im impressed with how good the gunfights feel. And that im having those gun fights in vr first person is next level to me.
    Its not vr in a limited for vr game. Its vr in a giant non vr game with tons of scale, depth and content.
    Ive enjoyed the companionship ive been given so far. Ive been in a duo with at least three different characters so far.
    A mixed bag of missions, stealth and huge mall full of gangsters on all floors.
    A rewarding level of difficulty. Not too easy, die a bit, advance a bit.
    Impressive ai faces, very real up close.
    I like the vehicles, lots of cars and bikes to nick, mega city to mess around in. But in vorpx there isnt perfect control due to per5spective and controls. I think there are mods about to improve this though and i still enjoy it. Riding around city on a super bike marvelling at the detail on the tank below me.

    For me it frequently crashes. Only for that i rate the vr experience as one of the best yet.

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