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    Sorry for delays, photo of my setup below:

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    Gameplay video of vorpx with cybershoes coming when I get a chance.


    $$$? Still worth the money?

    Yes if you are referring to VorpX – it has been worth its cost 10 times over.

    Cybershoes I think so. I need to spend more time tinkering with settings and more time getting used to learning how to move in them to make a full endorsement. Right now my biggest problem with them is that they only have a forward back wheel. If the shoes had an optical ball like old school mice they would be much much much better. Right now having to move your feet only forward backward is very unnatural for anything but going for a walk or jog. You don’t realize how often your foot turns sideways when you move but you keep moving the direction based on the direction your muscles still push. This will probably go away a little with new muscle memories but it will take time and still feel awkward.

    However, I do believe a cybershoes 2.0 could be an absolute game changer. Right now they are the best locomotion option I’ve tried. If they could design them from the ground up to be used standing with no harness needed (maybe a flexible sole with more stability rather than so rounded), have more tweakable settings and with an ball instead of roller.



    So I tried cybershoes with vorpx in two games and they didn’t work from the get go.
    I can see the cybershoes working properly in the cybershoes settings, and just played with them on Half Life Alyx which was great, but they don’t give any movement in vorpx games. You mentioned that we have to be config them to emulate trackpad movement and/or right/left stick, can you please explain how to do that? Can we use them together with an xbox controller for the shooting, interacting etc in vorpx?


    Ok, so I found how to make it work. In steamvr menu you have to go to the control options and add a new controller layout instead the standard controls, choose cybershoes instead of vive/oculus/index controllers, then create a new layout, select trackpad default (it worked for me), work as trackpad, then on click select lbuttonpad0, on touch select ltouchpad0, and on position select laxispad0. I tested with Metro 2033 Redux and worked great, it was a bit too fast so I’ll have to play with the usb emitter speed controls.

    For this to work the vive/oculus/index left controller must be on, so I wonder if there’s any way to hide controllers visually but still be active on vorpx, since I want to use an xbox controller, which works fine with this setup.


    Anyone wondering about these and actual gamepad support here is official CEO state which doesnt make sense since they are supposed to make people less vr sick by nature and looks more like a cheap excuse not to add that.

    Pretty upsetting since it seems like a much more simple thing than all that custom fancy stuff they do with games, but adding anything officially means you have to officially support it and they chose not to bother I guess.

    At least we have vorpx that is basically only way to make them work with normal games, but for me steamvr only binds it to forward movement no matter which direction I roll the shoes.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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