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    I am currently testing DAO Inquisition (Samsung Odyssey), with a mod first person camera that contains several FOV options, through the mod manager Frosty with success.
    Once selected ingame window, dx11 DAO hooks correctly, and I can select Full VR mode.
    The mod allows you to predefine a key not used to change to the first person view.

    The doubts now are:
    How can I get the view tied to the movement of my head using the first person view?

    I think that if we get this, along with using xbox controller for example and the DAO interface for this, the HUD is minimal.
    Today I’ve traveled the world a bit doing tests in the game, and it’s amazing. This game totally deserves a review to check if improvements are possible.

    Only unite the mouse in sight, and the management with command and its interface, and would achieve fully playable in full VR mode this title completely, a dream come true.

    Additionally, consider G3D or even rescaled UI layer, simply convert this profile, into one of the most prized jewels for my taste with Vorpx and probably for many lovers of these worlds.

    Any help here, is welcome and grateful.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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