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    Trying to get two steam games that are on the supported list to work and they are failing to start. I have both vive and oculus rift cv1 head sets to test with and both give the similar results. The games in question start ok without vorpx running. Read through the troubleshooting options in vorpx and the post on the forums, disabling antivirus, aero and other windows services, no other overlay apps running, no steam overlay, tried changing many settings in game outside of vorpx to see if that helps, swapping out of cinema mode and cycling between the 3d modes – geometry/z/z adapt doesn’t help. Recently upgrade from a GTX780 to 1080 but same results on both video cards.

    Risen – this starts ok in cinema mode but shows all black screen. Never renders game. Switching out of cinema mode and cycling between the 3d modes – geometry/z/z adapt doesn’t help, display stays black.

    Dark Messiah of Might & Magic – this crashes to desktop on start consistently after showing the main game menu scene with the character rendered, seems to want to work but then just crashes.

    System info:
    Windows 7
    ASUS nVidia GTX1080 Founders Edition
    Intel i5 2500k
    24GB RAM
    Windows defender / Microsoft security essentials

    Games that I have tested to work for me currently:
    Dirt 3
    Torchlight 2


    I don’t have Risen installed currently, so I can’t check, but Dark Messiah of Might & Magic works here except for a crash when exiting the game. But that also happens without vorpX here.

    Wasn’t necessary for me, but one thing you could try is running the game windowed. Since it crashes when the actual game is loaded it might be related to a failing video mode/resolution switch. Just a guess, but worth a try. Also check whether you maybe have antialising or any other setting forced in your graphics driver. Also usually not an issue, but in some games that can cause a problem.


    Thanks for the response!

    Risen doesn’t support a windowed mode unfortunately. Tried resetting video card settings to default but Risen still failing, although now it gets further and throws an out of memory error even though the process never exceeds 800MB of mem consumption. Closer but still can’t play in psuedo-vr :(

    Dark messiah M&M gets to the menu now after resetting video card settings so one of those must have caused ctd. It looks to be a source engine game so not sure why it doesn’t give me the option under video to change from fullscreen to anything, fullscreen is the only option in the drop down. I do have console enabled so I can test options there but can’t get the game to load the level. Still unable to play :(
    Would you mind sharing your video card driver version and os?
    Really looking forward to try any third person action/rpg game other than skyrim as it has limited support for that mode and locked on character camera control for pitch and yaw rotation with head tracking that is just dizzying. Trying roll rotation just hurts in that mode so I only tried it once lol. Any help you can give is greatly appreciated!


    I tried on a machine with a recent nVidia driver (372.54). I will reinstall Risen some time next week and check whether there is an issue with the game.


    I am also having a problem with Dark Messiah (steam, single player). It starts, but the the direct mode for the vive does not start, and the game screen does not appear on the main display either. But the process is running, I can see it from the task manager. The game runs fine without vorpx. I also couldn’t find any other option but fullscreen in the video settings. I am running on windows 10 and gtx 1080.


    I am having the exact same problem with Risen… I’ve tried all the OP has done, including an ini tweak that enabled windowed mode, but it didn’t help. I’ve also tried to tweak in game vorpx settings and that didn’t make a difference. It’s just a completely black screen.

    gtx 1070, windows 10


    how does Bastion look in VR? is it G3D supported?

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