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    Dishonored is my favorite VorPx game and Dark Messiah is the predecessor of Dishonored and yes, it has a VorPx profile.

    Installation is easy, hooks to the profile and looks really 3D with VorPx. Engine has aged well, so I play it without mods.

    Gameplay is very well suited for VR, because use of environment is fundamental in this game.

    I had problem with crashes. Messed around with tipps from internet, but could not solve it. So I stopped playing with VorPx and played on flat screen. After I adjusted all options and played through chapter 1 I tried again with VorPx and it runs perfectly now.

    Controls are a pain in the ass. Rift S controllers are supported, XBox controller is supported, but it plays much better with mouse and keyboard. In fact it is the first VorPx game I play with mouse and keyboard.

    After a few hours playing I can tell that this belongs to my best experiences with VorPx.


    Arent the graphics a bit oldish now ? Still have the game on my shelf, just yesterday i was wondering how it may look in VR.


    The graphics are of course outdated, but still pretty good. The world is detailed, nice and you can use a lot of stuff there. For example with telekinese fetch a barrel, throw it on some structure and this breaks apart.

    3D/VR effect is almost perfect, feels like native support.

    Controls are the main thing, I play with keyboard and mouse now, never did that in a VR game.

    Its really great.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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