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    Wont start using VORPX, crashes immediately to desktop. Starts without VORPX fine though.


    got it working after removing all game overlays. now if i can only figure out how to solve the overkill head tracking, the bad juttering using first person mod and blurry 3D. i wish people would make detailed tutorials on how to get the settings for these games just right. i See these videos on youtube and it seems to just work straight out the box for them, no problems at all. But thats rarely been the case for me


    Can’t really say anything in regard to the first person mod, but the game works beautifully in immersive screen mode, which should be the default.

    As far as “blurry 3D” is concerned: for a crisper image run games at higher resolutions. The higher the resolution, the better the image quality. Typically 1440p starts to look quite good. Be aware that higher resolutions have an impact on performance, so key here is finding the right balance between image quality and frames per second.

    Also please check the ‘Custom Resolutions’ guide either in the vorpX help or here in the forum. It explains step-by-step how to add resolutions to your PC that it can not display normally.


    Also, in the Vorpx in game menu make sure to turn sharpness up, I usually do that with every game. 1440p + Vorpx max sharpness usually cleans up any image issues I have

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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