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    The only VorpX video of Dark Souls I´ve seen is with Cinema Mode, which i´m not interested in. In the list it´s marked as optimized for Virtual Cinema Mode. Does that mean it´s not playable in full immersion mode?
    Are there games that are only playable in Virtual Cinema Mode? How many of the supported games?
    I´m currently deciding if i should buy vorpx or give vireio another try.
    Please Help.


    You can switch Virtual Cinema Mode off for any game if you wish, but third person games like Dark Souls make a lot more sense this way.

    You can move the virtual screen so close to you that you do not see anything else. This gives you full game immersion while maintaining the ability to look around freely.

    Playing third person games in Full VR on the other hand let’s you rotate around the game avatar when you look around (just like the camera does normally in third person games), which not everybody is comfortable with.

    Third person games in Virtual Cinema Mode with the screen moved closer are a experience *vaguely* comparable to dedicated VR third person games like Lucky’s Tale.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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