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    using life is strange 2 official profile i got this game working in G3D and let me tell you, it looks absolutely gorgeous in G3D.

    disable fluidsync movement for this game in steamVR perf setting will remove some glitch.
    i play 1920*1080 all ultra except aliasing off and vsync off and with the following setup it’s playable but not smooth as i’d like :
    5820k 4.4
    gtx 1080
    16gb ddr4
    win10 64

    so if you have less powerful computer be ready to drop settings down.

    some shadows glitches (specially character shadows) in and there but overall it’s an amazing experience and once again it looks incredible.

    i also use legacy hooking vorpx method (i dont know if that matters cause i didnt bother the other hooking method for this game :p)

    well enjoy, and if it doesnt work for u come back here and let me know, i’ll try to help as best i can.


    just a heads up, play fullscreen mode for much better performance, initially i was playing in windowed and performance was not that great, but fullscreen mode fixed that.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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