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    Darkstar One (G3D)

    Very nice 3D flying around in space.

    If you get a message like “cant find x64 divers, did you forget to reboot”, you are probably out of luck. This error is a protection driver issue on 64 bit systems that cant be solved. Updating to patch 1.3 dont seem to help. (if you have a newer Protectdisk driver above version 7, you might try that one.)
    If youre planing to buy the game make shure you buy a version where the game already comes out of the box patched to 1.3. These newer versions have the copy protection already removed.
    Though you might still run into an error when using vorpX, “netman.dll” not found. If you ignore this error your 3D will not work properly.To fix this delete “iphlpapi.dll” in your game folder.

    – Use a 16:9 widescreen resolution and Immersive Screen Mode in combination with Edgepeek for best gameplay.
    – Turn off FSAA and shadows ingame.
    – Turn on Anti Aliasing in Nvidia Control Panel if possible.

    – get the G3D profile from the vorpX cloud.

    Notes: The lounge where you start the game is partly in 2D only. / Game uses ProtectDisk not TAGES.

    Darkstar One VR


    Just a short heads-up that the thread has been made a “sticky” thread to make sure it doesn’t get lost.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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