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    I got this free program called Daz 3D where one can render 3D characters and it doesn’t work properly with vorpX.
    It did almost work but the Daz 3D GUI was missing. All I could see through oculus rift was the viewport of Daz 3D through Oculus Rift.
    When I tried to display the vorpX ingame settings the mouse wasn’t showing correctly. I had to click around to make it move but I couldn’t change any settings cause I couldn’t click anything on the settings menu and it seemed the headtracking was conflicting with the mouse placement.
    I could see the Daz 3D GUI on my actual monitor but Daz 3D viewport through oculus rift. Note I launched the program through vorpX Desktop Viewer. Like vorpX couldn’t decide if it was a game or a regular program.
    My question is how can I launch the program as just a desktop program while I can see the Daz 3D viewport as vorpX VR?


    vorpX only grabs the part of the program that s drawn by DirectX or OpenGL. After all it’s meant for games.

    If you are on Windows 8 or above, the vorpX desktop viewer *may* (emphasis on may) help. After starting the desktop viewer, pause the watcher (tray icon right click menu) to prevent vopX from hooking normally when you launch the program.


    I do have Windows 8.1 and it did help but it wasn’t in VR. There wasn’t any depth perception.
    Have you guys any plans for patching the program for such incompatibilities? A desktop / game or program hybrid mode?


    vorpX is meant for games. It cant’t automatically convert every program you launch into a full VR experience.

    You can find a list of games with Stereo 3D suport here:


    Thanks anyways.
    Now I can view Daz 3D in my Rift even though it isn’t in VR. Much appreciated.


    What we could use with “other” programs like this is something that doubles the window up in a side by side mode, so they can be viewed in 3d



    it would be very helpful to run DAZ 3D together with vorpx.
    Even if the program controls are not shown in the VR headset.

    How can vorpX be configured so that it does the same for the 3D editing tool which uses OpnenGL, than it does for OpenGL games?

    Or could a view mode be done in Daz3D that uses vorpX as renderer?


    You can render a SBS video with DAZ which you can watch with vorpX (or any other sbs video player) but makes absolutely no sense for vorpX to work with DAZ itself as DAZ is a rendering software.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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