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    Hello Ralf, I am impressed by the driver, everything seems to work by me apart from Dead Island which vorpx doesn’t recognize. Is there a reason for this and is there any way go get it working ?


    I can assure you that you do not want to play Dead island with the Oculus.
    I played it with the Tridef drivers and the melee system camera movement is
    more nauseating than doing endless barrel rolls in a flight sim.

    If you get the endless ammo cheat and only run and gun then it should be good to play though.


    @ tonka: Dead Island currently is unsupported, so it might or might not work. Not much else I can say unfortunately.


    resurrecting a zombie thread fits to the game ;)
    Dead Island Steam needs to rename the DeadIslandGame.exe to DeadIslandGame_x86_rwdi.exe

    geometry works but with graphical glitches. Performance is very good.

    How to FOV:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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