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    Deadside (G3D)

    This PvPvE survival shooter just released to Early Access this week. Think DayZ but without the zombies. It’s still fairly basic, but possibly the only online game in this genre currently playable with vorpX (no anti cheat so far).

    The environment is nice and the so are the first person full body animations. Apart from it being a performance hog, the game looks good in vr. Expect dips below 30fps at times. Below are the recommended settings for the profile now on the cloud:

    – for best FOV, use this custom resolution aspect ratio:

    Quality = 1920×1728
    Balanced = 1600×1440
    Performance = 1333×1200

    – set FOV slider to 101 in game
    – view distance = low
    – AA = epic
    – post processing = high
    – shadows = medium (most important)
    – textures = epic
    – effects = high
    – foliage = medium

    *Scalable HUD, but use edgepeek to read fine print
    *Tested on HP Reverb


    Looks sweet. Skeptical about the early access part though.


    A recent game update added EAC anti-cheat support, so I’m sad to say this is no longer possible in vorpX. It came quicker than I expected. I should take the profile down now I suppose.

    It looked great and was fun while is lasted though.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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