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    Hey so I heard about vorpx for a while.

    Since I’m putting in so many hours of death stranding, I figured I’d pick it up and see if I enjoy it.

    I don’t know if I loaded it correctly… I right clicked on the vorpx toolbar and clicked Create Desktop Shortcut then selcted the ds.exe file. It loaded in VorpX. I know this because I had to change the setting to SteamVR before it would work.

    It loaded okay, but it just kind of looks like a 3D television floating in the void. The 3D isn’t totally pronounced, but it’s definitely not flat. Is that the effect I’m supposed to be seeing?

    One more thing, because the head tracking is enabling the mouse, it seems to be conflicting with my Steam Controller mouse input when I use the trackpad. So if I figure out how to disable the head such that it doesn’t move the cursor then the problem goes away?


    Yup, I disabled the head tracking and the conflict went away. The next issue is that the game no longer shows me the correct controller button overlay in-game. Instead of showing the X button when I’m supposed to press the X button, it shows F or whatever the keyboard overlay is. I’m going to try and disable the gamepad emulator in vorpX to see if that makes that problem go away.

    But the 3D effect is amazing once I got out of the distribution center and into the open landscape. Excellent. It’s no VR game, but 3D on this is a welcome improvement to the already great game. Going to tweak some more settings to see if I can get better views while keeping the great 3D effect.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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