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    Just started playing this. Holy crap its gorgeous in 3D!
    Slow start to the game, but apparently it picks up the further in you get.
    Amazing music, and quite interesting so far.


    That’s good to know. Thanks. Always looking for the ones that knock the socks off so will definitely pick up when it goes on sale.


    I’m jealous. Can’t afford to pay full price for a game, so i’ll wait. But definitely looking forward to play Death Stranding in VorpX.


    but not g3d?


    No its not G3D, but honestly, for distant open world outdoor games like this and many others, it really makes very little difference. G3D is best for close quarters games. I would probably play it in Z3D anyways just due to the extra performance and lack of other issues G3D brings (shadows, etc) to many games.


    I disagree. A G3D (with proper shadows, of course), in combination with DLSS – ummm, candy! I am eager to try it. I hope Ralf will eventually get around to it.


    Not trying to change anyone’s opinion on G3D vs. Z3D, but for third person outdoor games like this one I strongly agree with dborosev’s post. Provided you aren’t after unrealistic over-the-top ‘dollhouse’ stereo 3D, in this type of game you rarely will encounter situations where you look at objects close enough for G3D being any better than Z3D in terms of the produced 3D effect. So in this particular case (and similar outdoor games) the performance benefits of Z3D indeed outweigh its disadvantages IMO.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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