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    I’ve been poking around in the settings and I can’t find anything that replicates what I want here.

    In the majority of cases, head rotation being mapped to the mouse makes sense as you aim where you look but in third person games you’re going to be aiming using a joystick in most cases as head-tracking will rotate around your character and cause nausea. I’ve found that you can turn down HT Sensitivity to 0 while still having positional tracking on so VorpX is translating all head movements into the game accept for head rotation as that only works through mouse movements.

    VorpX must have the ability to rotate the camera when looking left and right without touching mouse movement as it is already used for head roll and position. If there is not an option for this I would like to make a suggestion that this be added as an option as myself and a friend who also use VorpX see a lot of potential in having entirely unlocked head movement.


    It’s not really possible to do this with the FullVR play style, but you can sort of get close to it in Immersive Screen mode. Probably not entirely what you have in mind, but with the screen moved close towards you and a relatievly low head tracking sensitivity the experience isn’t too far away from how native third person games work.


    Mass Effect 1 is the game I’ve been trying to get this working with and now that I’ve modded it for proper controller support it’s broken mouse movement in anything but the menus so any solution that uses mouse movement for head tracking will no longer work. Even when it was working, the camera is far enough away from the character that low sensitivities still feel weird and also conflict with menus where I only want to use my Xbox controller.

    I didn’t think about this being exclusive to any one mode (FullVR, Immersive Screen, Cinema). I originally wanted it as the final setting to allow for a “looking through a window” effect in Cinema mode. What I mean is you lead to the left and right, the view leans with you but the screen does not. I’ve almost got there with turning on Positional Tracking as this kinda works for forwards/backward and leaning left/right. Rolling your head by default works as well, it’s just turning your head that can’t be translated into the game without it going through the games camera constraints. Getting this working 100% would probably require an offset for the camera and maybe dynamic adjustment of FOV based on distance to the screen but I understand that would be a lot of work. (Although I’d argue worth it for 100% correct 3D viewing on a virtual screen no matter head position).

    Would it be possible to add an option to force these movements as well, the same way positional head movements and head roll are forced without the game’s knowledge?


    Another great game that would benefit from such an option is Cloudpunk. It doesn’t even have mouse or stick camera control apart from when you hold down X on the keyboard and that is very slow and smoothed out for cinematic effect and only when you’re in your car also locking all game control.

    Having an option to force rotate the camera would allow games like these to be more compatible in FullVR and Immersive Screen modes.

    I don’t mind if my lofty ideas of a “through the window” effect are overlooked but a simple toggle for unlocking head rotation would be of massive benefit to so many games and from what I understand (could be wrong) most of the infrastructure is already there (forced head positional tracking).


    The only way I know you can force rotate the camera without directly hacking/modding the game is if your rotate the view independent of the position and rotation of the actual game camera, and if you do that you won’t see what’s around you at all, instead by turning around you’d see either severely incomplete geometry or the void. To save processing power games cull rendering to only what the original camera is supposed to see. As far as I know not even native VR games render what’s behind, they use viewports stuck to your face very similar to VorpX’s screen, but obviously made specifically for the game.


    I believe that’s how it works with the head position tracking as well, and I would at least like an option to try this out. I know that using VorpX to increase the FOV in Mass Effect will lead to seeing the culling range of the intended FOV for objects and characters but the level itself still renders fine. With that knowledge I think that with head tracking it could work in some games with obvious issues if you stray far from the intended forward position.

    I can live with this only being used to account for small, natural head movements I make when sitting comfortably, rather than for looking around the entire scene. There are definitely games that do attach culling to the viewport even when forced to move as I’ve seen videos of people hacking games like PT to explore the map for the city seen at the end and finding out that the ghost is attached to behind the cameras view to be able to create shadows in front of the character.


    Decoupled head rotation would be nice for games like Men of War, Total War, Xcom and other strategy games. Even if scenery out of original camera’s view would disappear, I won’t care since would just want to see what I’m already seeing but at the edge and move it to center of screen. This possibly would work better than immersive screen, since less distortion+smaller screen that will move with user’s head.

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